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I have been employed by only a numer of firms during my career, but have been involved in a vast array of projects involving many leading New Zealand companies.

The positions I have held include:

Full time employment Date Employer
Senior Software Developer 2014-09-29-2015-01-05 Intergraph
Developer 2013-06-03-2014-09-24 MetService NZ
Application Support Engineer (inc Macs) 2012-07-01-2013-05-31 MetService NZ
Project Manager - Digital Projects 2008-04-08-2009-08-07 Wellington City Council
Project Manager 2005-08-01-2008-04-07 Wellington City Council
Graphic Designer 2002-12-17-2005-08-01 Wellington City Council
Graphic Designer 2001-08-01-2001-12-01 Tennant Print Media
Pre-press Mac Operator 1999-11-01-2000-06-01 Typography By Design - TBD
Desktop Publisher - Webmaster 1995-12-11-1999-10-29 State Insurance Limited
Store Manager 1995-08-31-1995-12-10 CompKarori
Produce Duty Manager 1995-03-16-1995-08-28 Newtown New World Supermarket
Fixed term employment Date Employer
Technical Lead Mobile Developer (Mobility Project) 2015-07-13-current Housing New Zealand
Marketing Advisor - Database, Design & Web 2012-03-28-2012-04-08 Housing New Zealand
Production Manager 2009-08-31-2009-09-22 Wellington City Council
Graphic Designer 2002-06-04-2002-12-17 Wellington City Council
Warehouse & Print Bindery assistant 1988-08-08-1988-08-19 National Mutual
Insurance Claims assistant 1988-05-09-1988-05-20 National Mutual
Contract work Date Employer
Developer 2009-08-25-2015-09-12 Wellington City Council
Technical Lead Mobile Developer (Mobility Project) 2015-05-01-2015-07-10 Housing New Zealand
Developer 2015-01-06-2015-07-09 MetService
Web Developer 2010-10-05-2012-12-21 Critchlow Limited
Mac Systems Developer 2011-07-05-2012-06-30 MetService
Typesetter 2010-11-01-2011-11-28 TBD Design
iPhone developer 2010-08-09-2010-10-29 Geddes Management Limited
Typesetter 2010-03-19-2010-08-06 TBD Design
Mac Support 2001-06-01-2003-11-23 Maori Language Commission
Graphic Designer 2002-03-01-2002-06-03 Wellington City Council
contractor 2001-06-01-2002-04-30 ASPDirect Ltd
Web Design Team Leader 2000-06-01-2001-08-01 System Support Limited -SSLnz
Webmaster 1999-01-01-1999-06-30 Accordnet/New Zealand Hyperbanner
major freelance work Date Employer
Owner 1989-01-01-current FSpace Publications
Graphic Designer - Web Developer 1999-12-01-2005-01-01 24x7design
Mac Operator 2002-04-01-2004-02-01 Astra Print
Web Developer 2001-09-01-2004-02-01 Trenco Print Limited
Desktop Publisher 1997-12-01-1999-10-01 Loyalty NZ Ltd (Fly Buys)

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I have done projects involving many firms, including the following firms. Click on the logos to go to a description page. Or click the link at the top of this page to go to the portfolio database.

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