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Graphic Designer   

Period: 2001-08-01 to 2001-12-01
Employer: Tennant Print Media
Employment type: Full Time Employee
Staff responsibilities: 2 direct reports - 1 Mac Operator and 1 Lithographic Technician
Technology used: ScenicSoft Preps 3.7, Harlequin RIP
Sherpa Agfajet & Sherpa 24/Epson 7000 powered by Agfa Taipan RIP
Dainippon Screen imagesetter with on-line film processor

Martin was employed to fill the Graphic Design position at Tennant, but also recruited because of his skills to assist the firm in many other activities.
These have included:

  • Graphic Design solutions for clients
  • Provide extensive digital pre-press support and mentoring to Pre-press operator
  • PC support work for internal network
  • Undertake a study into company IT & Graphics Department issues, formulate solution strategies and recommendations
  • Research, trial and implement Digital Contract proofing solution


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