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Web Developer   

Period: 2001-09-01 to 2004-02-01
Employer: Trenco Print Limited
Employment type: Freelance
Staff responsibilities: 1 contractor/partner on project for autotypesetter development
Technology used: Mac OS X Server on G4 (originally Appleshare IP on G3), Jakarta TomCat and Filemaker for typesetter demo

Trenco contracted me to design and develop a website capable of handling ordering requests from their client State Insurance for the typesetting and printing of corporate stationery items.

The scope of the project included scoping an architecture suitable to their needs, liaising with State Insurance over operational requirements and user interface usage, undertaking both the design and development of the web based order system, and hosting the site on my own web servers.

The project also went further into scoping online automated typesetting and proofing technology for potential rollout as part of this solution. A prototype was demonstrated to both Trenco and State Insurance. However due to a head office shift and a directive to use Auckland based suppliers, Trenco lost the contract and this was never developed further. The website is now offline and not being used.

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