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Project Manager   

Period: 2005-08-01 to 2008-04-07
Employer: Wellington City Council
Employment type: Full Time Employee
Staff responsibilities: Liaising with staff for resourcing throughout Council plus other duties. Managing temp staff as required.

A secondment to the Strategic Marketing unit at Wellington City Council working on Council wide projects.

Major projects involve the Publications Review, and the rebranding of all electronic PC based templates throughout organisation.

During downtime on these project I continued to work on the Council brand manual. All my other graphic design duties and support duties for the Publication and Design unit were permanently transitioned to other staff within that unit during that period.

I returned to Publication and Design in February 2006 where I continued work on these two significant projects, along with many others including a Digital Asset Management system, Corporate Gifts and a city wide Signage Audit.

During project downtimes I also took back many of my other duties such as some graphic design work and Mac desktop support. For a large chunk of this time I also did the Absolutely Positively Wellington newspaper and the Our Wellington Page.

This period marked the transition from Graphic Design responsibilities to those of a Project Manager (albeit in a creative service space).

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