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Project Manager - Digital Projects   

Period: 2008-04-08 to 2009-08-07
Employer: Wellington City Council
Employment type: Full Time Employee

My role has changed to meet the evolving needs of the business unit and have taken on more project management oriented duties related to systems and activities being delivered. After a long transition period the role change was officially confirmed.

During this period I continued to provide backup and support to the Brand Manager and Print Coordinator/Production Manager. During project downtime I also did some work on OWP and APW. I also completed the design campaign work for the Harley Davidson National Convention. I also delivered all of Council's web advertising during this period.

My main project activities during this period were:

  • Build of PHP/MySQL Production Management System
  • Transition Extensis DAM to Tech Delivery Team
  • Launch of Signage Audit Database to organisation and transition to Tech Delivery Team
  • Business Continuity Plans for 2008 and 2009
  • Digital Publishing Briefing paper along with continual education of manager on topic
  • Panel member of Print and Sign tender process


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