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Pre-press Mac Operator   

Period: 1999-11-01 to 2000-06-01
Employer: Typography By Design - TBD
Employment type: Full Time Employee
Technology used: Agfa Avantra and Phoenix imagesetters
Agfa Taipan RIPs, Apogee In-RIP Trapping
Presswise, PrePrint Pro, Agfa Preview Pilot

Originally intended as a pre-press role, due to Martin's other abilities, his participation expanded to include:

  • Graphic Design for various clients
  • Javascript debugging for Macintosh compliance
  • Advertising development for TBD
  • CDROM product packaging development
  • Macintosh network and server administration
  • Development of a corporate client acquisition strategy
  • Development of a Production Manager job description and performance criteria for use within TBD
    Martin was also responsible for a number of magazine projects. These included:
    • The Orchardist
    • Commercial Grower
    • Her Business He also assisted staff on other magazine projects as required.


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