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Period: 2015-01-06 to 2015-07-09
Employer: MetService
Employment type: Contractor
Technology used: Realbasic 2007, Xojo 2014, Bash, HTML/CSS, Javascript, JQuery, JQuery Mobile, PostGreSQL, PHP, Xcode + Objective-C.

Work comprised of 2 kinds of contract engagement: - 3 day a week onsite contract for Media Graphics Unit stability and redevelopment work (to end July 9th 2015) - freelance mobile app development and support work to date completed includes: - Launch of iOS Marine app release - Development and Launch of iOS Urban app release v1.0.9 - Rebrand to MetService current brand of 5 WebObjects applications - Replaced 3 production WebObjects apps with off the shelf and developed solutions - WIP replacements for 2 other major WebObjects apps - Enhancing monitoring and backup of Xserve and other OS X based 'servers' - Modernising 1 Xojo app to current standards - Various releases of DataProcessor Realbasic app for various changes of ingest data - Providing Architecture team with options to consider for business analysis and planning overall Solution Architecture moving forward for MGU centric systems Also included emergency evening call out back in Dec 2014 when not under formal contract->resulted in some of the work under this contract.

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