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Period: 1989-01-01 to 2010-10-29
Employer: FSpace Publications
Employment type: Freelance
Staff responsibilities: 14 direct reports - either contractors or stakeholder/developers
Combination of authors, artists, editors and programmers
Financial authority: Full accounting responsibilities

FSpace Publications is the current tradename for the operations setup by Martin to develop and market a range of science fiction and fantasy products including CDROMs, computer software, gamesa, books and merchandise.

It has expanded over the years to be more a publishing development and research operation.

Martin has been successful in reaching the oinancle of local New Zealand science fiction game publishing, and has surpassed many of the expectations of critics both domestic and foreign/

Given the limited funding, Martin has still managed to make a reasonable impact on the New Zealand market around 2000-2002 with these products and also exported a small quantity to retailers in both the USA and the UK, while attracting individual buyers throughout the western world.

Due to a lack of funding and an inability to attract venture capital to such a business unique in the New Zealand environment, this operation has largely downscaled in recent years to return to it?s developmental rather than commecial roots.

However these operations were what taught Martin the skills to enter the design industry and attracted clients for freelance projects and contracts that built up to the 24x7design spinoff.

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