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Graphic Designer - Web Developer   

Period: 1999-12-01 to 2005-01-01
Employer: 24x7design
Employment type: Freelance
Staff responsibilities: 9 direct reports - all contracted/co-operative staff
Financial authority: Full accounting responsibilities

24x7design was spun off from FSpace Publications as a professional services company for both design and Web/IT services. It evolved from an Integrated Marketing Communications report that showed the need to establish a brand that customers could more easily identify with. It inherited clients and operational freelance projects from FSpace Publications not immediately realted to the coe operations of the other brand. Both operations operated independantly regarding their methods of operations, staff pools and company objectives, although they were both the same company operating under different trade names.

Martin headed up 24x7design and attracted a range of designers, illustrators and web/IT professionals beyond the pool FSpace Publications had to service client needs.

24x7design had reasonable success based on providing a financial living for Martin during the height of it?s operations.

This operation was officially closed on 1 January 2005 with clients being transfered to partner businesses while Martin concentrated on his role at WCC, and his FSpace product developments.

Work has been conducted in the following areas:

  • Latest project involves development of a confidential Web based project for Trencoprint based on Filemaker.
  • Assisting eStock with a confidential Filemaker based web solution involving CDML and Javascript development and Apache based server deployment and security issues. End user clients include Printfusion and Cityprint.
  • E-commerce site development based on Filemaker for Mac Line Ltd and a few other small businesses
  • Contract work to IT firms (including System Support Ltd & ASPdirect Ltd)
  • MacOS & Jarkata TomCat based server web hosting and site administration
  • MacOS based development including Applescript, Javascript, Frontierscript/XML, MacPerl and Filemaker
  • Mac Support - M?ori Language Commission and range of small businesses.
  • Technical document writing on PC - Mac Integration
  • Project management and staff management of subcontractors including graphic designers, authors, web designers, developers, artists, editors and photographers
  • Art commission work for clients in NZ, Australia, UK, USA and Norway
  • Application development in STOS for multimedia, games and educational software on the Atari ST/TT/Falcon platforms.
  • Graphic and web design services for a range of small business customers through to the likes of State Insurance Ltd and Loyalty New Zealand Limited (Fly Buys).
  • Act as Webmaster for New Zealand Hyperbanner network owned by Accordnet.
  • Act as New Zealand Co-ordinator for HIWG, managing memberships, magazine distribution and local magazine publisher.

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