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Store Manager   

Period: 1995-08-31 to 1995-12-10
Employer: CompKarori
Employment type: Full Time Employee
Technology used: Windows 3.11 and 95 based PCs

This position involved a range of activities in running a mutli-faceted suburban retail computer store.

    Tasks included:
  • Preparation of sales materials
  • Price setting decision making
  • PC installation, sales, service and support including DOS, Geoworks, GEM, Windows 3 and Windows 95 systems.
  • Support and service for Commodore Amiga platforms.
  • Sourcing new products, and importing them from overseas was a core function of the business. Imported items were often hard to acquire locally, or simply not available at that time, and were often cutting edge. These included such things as Sega Saturn game consoles, Playstation Games consoles and games, Amiga and Atari hardware solutions, MPEG 1 Video discs and the like.

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