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Agile Essentials   

Year Granted: 2009
Institute: element K (via ACM)

Title: Agile Essentials
Course Type: Self-paced Courses
Estimated Time of Completion: 4 hours 30 minutes
Language: English

The first thing you would do when you start developing a software product is to analyze the requirements and then select a software development methodology that suits your project. The software development methodology enables you to develop the software in a focussed manner. One of the most significant challenges faced by most software developers is their ability to change their strategy depending on the changing business scenario and concurrent change in customer requirements. Agile provides developers with an armor in terms of the flexibility to the software development process that are by no means comparable with the other software development methodologies. Agile provides a perfect blend of not only flexibility but also a process that enables continuous customer interaction with the development teams, thereby ensuring that the project requirements are known early on in the development. This course not only builds on the participants' background in software/application development and their experience with various software life cycle models, but also enables them to understand and implement key concepts and principles of agile software development methodology. This course is intended for programmers, development managers even software development project managers (with more than 2 years experience) with basic knowledge of software development methodologies and practices who wish to familiarize or increase their knowledge about Agile software development.


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