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CISSP 2013 Domain: Software Development Security   

Year Granted: 2014
Institute: Skillsoft
Course code sp_cptf_a04_it_enus

Lesson: Attack Methods and Malicious Code

After completing this topic, you should be able to

  • match issues related to software development with corresponding ways in which they create security vulnerabilities
  • recognize types of attacks used in the enterprise environment
  • determine the appropriate methods to counteract a given attack
  • match types of computer attacks to their corresponding countermeasures
  • match types of malicious code to their corresponding descriptions
  • recognize the purpose of software forensics
  • match types of antivirus software with their corresponding descriptions

Lesson: Secure Application and Database Development

After completing this topic, you should be able to

  • recognize the characteristics of knowledge-based systems
  • determine the appropriate development model to use for a given software development project
  • distinguish between various database models and technologies

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