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Agile Professional Foundation   

Year Granted: 2015
Institute: International Consortium for Agile - Boost Agile

Agile Professional Foundation

Two-day course

Looking for a more productive way of working? Seeking certification in Agile best practice? Get the skills to work on successful projects in a productive Agile environment by attending our two-day foundation course: Agile Professional Foundation.

We'll give you a comprehensive introduction to the world of Agile values, principles and practices in a dynamic workshop setting. Learn why and how Agile lets you deliver more value, faster. This course will prepare you for your transition to Agile by explaining core practices, methods and useful techniques.


By completing this course, you'll become a ICAgile (International Consortium for Agile) Certified Professional.

This foundation course kicks off your career as an Agile professional. Once completed, you can advance along any one of seven specialist training pathways on ICAgile's curriculum roadmap - Agile leadership, coaching, development, testing, management, value management or enterprise.

Agile Professional Foundation is accredited with the Project Management Institute (PMIŽ). Participants can claim 16 professional development units towards the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner Certification.

Course description

You will learn that Agile is a mindset, which requires us to collaborate, build shared understanding and change our thinking about how we work in teams.

We will cover Agile values and principles, roles and responsibilities, tools and processes of an Agile project, incremental development, work-in-progress, involving the customer, and planning and tracking an Agile project.

The workshop will be run as an Agile environment, with experienced practitioners on hand to coach participants and interactive games that will explore Agile benefits and challenges.

Topics covered include:
* The origins of Agile
* The Agile mindset, value and principles
* The features of Agile working environments
* Collaborating and building shared understanding
* Roles and responsibilities
* Incremental and value-driven development
* Work-in-progress
* Continuous integration and continuous delivery
* Involving the customer and getting feedback
* Planning, estimating and tracking an Agile project
* Reflecting on and adapting project processes

Intended for:
* Team members in Agile environments
* Project managers
* Product managers and business owners
* Anyone interested in learning about Agile

Web: www.boostagile.co.nz

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