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LEAD online   

Year Granted: 2016
Institute: Housing New Zealand Corporation
Course code Online Course 108 CLS06

This module complements our LEAD workshop. The purpose of LEAD is to understand what leadership means at Housing NZ and help you develop and practice your leadership skills.

Target audience

  • All staff


Key learning outcomes

  • Understand what leadership means for Housing NZ
  • Know the skills and competencies associated with authentic leadership
  • Be able to lead in line with your authentic leadership style


Links to core leadership competencies

  • Supporting and cooperating
    • Supports others by showing respect and positive regard for them
  • Adapting and Coping
    • Adapting and responding to change
    • Doing the right thing
  • Leading and deciding
    • Exercising leadership and coaching
    • Initiating action, giving direction and taking responsibility

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