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Introduction to Safety Essentials   

Year Granted: 2016
Institute: Housing New Zealand Corporation
Course code Online Course 108 SE07

This online module provides the learners with knowledge on the overarching Health, Safety & Security principles and practices that we follow in Housing New Zealand. The module provides you with a basic understanding of situational awareness, dynamic risk assessment and risk and hazard management.

Target audience

All Housing New Zealand staff


Key learning outcomes

  • define your Health, Safety and Security (HSS) responsibilities and link them to your role at Housing NZ;
  • identify and describe HSS factors you can and can't influence;
  • identify environmental, physical and behavioural risks for office-based staff and customer-facing staff including those who manage contractors;
  • identify and recognise strategies and processes for effective management of risks and hazards.


Links to core leadership competencies

  • Understanding our business
    • Applying understanding, knowledge
  • Adapting and coping
    • Doing the right thing
  • Supporting and cooperating
    • Role modelling HNZ values
  • Creating and conceptualising
    • Learning, discovering and challenging
  • Leading and deciding
    • Deciding and initiating action

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