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Introductory Course on WatchOS Apps with Swift 2 in Xcode 7   

Year Granted: 2017
Institute: Udemy


The course covers the basics for building simple iOS and WatchOS 2 apps.

It starts with general information about Xcode and how to install it on a Mac, then moves on to the Xcode interface and explains how to build an iPhone app and two Apple Watch apps.

The course applies to beginners who want to learn the basics of Swift 2.

To be able to follow this course you need a Mac to install Xcode 7.

The content of the course is explained step by step and taught by giving real-life app examples. The course is covered almost entirely in videos, both head shots and screen recordings.

Being an introductory course, it consists of 13 Lectures, all covered in less than 2 hours of video content. It is very easy to follow and the complexity increases gradually.

It is the first of a series of Swift 2 courses; the next to follow will be comprehensive and more advanced.

The course will lay the foundations to new coders on what it takes to build iOS and WatchOS 2 apps.

Even for students who have already coded before, the course provides useful information that will prove helpful, especially in the latter stages of the course, the most beneficial being the second Apple Watch app.

Who is the target audience?
  • This Swift course is for students who never coded before or are new to Swift and Xcode. No prior programming knowledge is required
Curriculum For This Course
2 Lectures 03:08

About This Course
Swift 2, Apple Watch SDK and WatchOS 2
2 Lectures 03:42
What is Swift 2

Apple Watch SDK and WatchOS 2
Xcode Interface and a Simple iPhone App
4 Lectures 37:10
Xcode Interface

Labels, Texts and Buttons

iPhone App

Apple Watch Interface and Apps
4 Lectures 52:51
Apple Watch Interface

Apple Watch App - Temperature Converter

Apple Watch App - Calorie Counter (Part 1)

Apple Watch App - Calorie Counter (Part 2)
What is Next?
1 Lecture 01:40
Comprehensive Course

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