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Coursera Mentor Community and Training Course   

Year Granted: 2017
Institute: Coursera

About this Course

Welcome! We’re really excited to have you on board as a Mentor, supporting our learners as they work through their courses. We really appreciate your willingness to help out and we know you’ll be a fantastic part of our community. We've chosen you because you've already demonstrated that you enjoy discussing course content in the forums and that you want to help support other learners. We’ve created these training materials to help you develop your natural talents to become an outstanding Mentor. Please take a moment to review them before you get started, and check back regularly to remind yourself of best practices. Community Mentors are successful, dedicated Coursera learners who volunteer to assist with support and forum moderation in courses that they have already completed. By fostering discussion and curating spaces for exploration and connectivity, Mentors can greatly contribute to a meaningful learning experience. Your support helps millions of individuals throughout the world to access high quality education that both enriches and changes lives. Thanks so much for being a part of our Mentor community! The Coursera Community Team.


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