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Certified Kaizen Facilitator   

Year Granted: 2016
Institute: Management Strategy Institute
Course code CKF

The Kaizen Facilitator course developed exclusively for the Management and Strategy Institute is designed to give the student a basic understanding of how to organize and run a Kaizen event within an organization.

Kaizen can be used on any process, task, or function. It can be used for improvement for administrative tasks, maintenance, engineering, business, and logistics just to name a few.

Kaizen eliminates waste by removing Non Value Adding Activities which result in improved standardized systems, efficiency, processes, quality, delivery, service and cost savings.

Why choose the Management and Strategy Institute?

 - FREE training material included with all certifications
 - Affordable and Respected
 - Flexible: Training and exam done 100% online
 - Competency based: Take the exam as soon as you're ready
 - Members nationwide working for top companies
 - Professional certificate mailed to you after you pass exam [example]

Frequently asked questions:

Are There Prerequisites?
It is recommended that you have an understanding of Lean and Six Sigma principles before taking the Kaizen Facilitator course, however it is not required.  The Kaizen Facilitator training course includes all of the course work required to study for and pass the final exam.

Is the Kaizen Certification Test Difficult?
Kaizen Facilitators must have a basic understanding of Lean  principles so that they can accomplish tasks within the "Kaizen Event".  This test is open book, however it is also timed, so you will not have much time to look up answers to questions.  It is very important that you study and understand the material prior to taking the test or you will not pass.

How in-depth is the training?
The Kaizen course includes all of the information you will need to have an understanding of a Kaizen event.  It is not designed to make you an expert on all facets of Lean or Kaizen.  This professional development course was designed to teach someone with little to no knowledge of a Kaizen Event the basic skills needed to function as a Kaizen Facilitator.  Many executive jobs today require that their employees have at least a basic understanding of "Lean and Kaizen".  For an example, click on this [Job Search] link to see how many positions mention the word "Kaizen".

How long is the training course?
The training course is self-paced. Time to complete and fully comprehend will vary with every individual. It may take several days or weeks of study before you feel comfortable to take the final test. You may take the final exam as soon as you're ready. You have 1 year from the date of purchase to complete the course.

Is the test proctored?
No, the test for the Kaizen Facilitator course is not proctored.  It is timed, with a limit of 1 hour.  You may take the test online, from home or work whenever you are ready.

What will I receive after I pass my test?
You will be mailed a Certificate Of Completion, as well as a letter of congratulations and two copies of our training verification letters which you can give to employers who request it. The certificate is heavy-stock, cream paper suitable for framing. [View Example]

How would I list this certification on my resume?
Certifications are generally the last item listed under the education section of your resume.  List them directly beneath your college information in this format:

      Management and Strategy Institute
      - Certified Kaizen Facilitator (CKF)
What is Kaizen
Non-Value Activities
Kaizen History

The Current State
Kaizen Challenges
Kaizen Questions

Other Methodologies
Kaizen Characteristics
Kaizen Event

Lean Principles
The Basics of Lean
Lean Processes

Lean Industries
Lean & Six Sigma
Lean Analysis

Critical Path Analysis

Push vs. Pull

Cause & Effect
Poka Yoke

Kaizen Events
Kaizen Components
Event Planning

Events & Execution
Event Schedules
Event Charter

Data Collection
Kaizen Leadership
Scoping the Event

Forming the Team

Kickoff Meeting
Current Event State
Value Streams

Identify Waste
Forms of Waste

Muda, Mura, Muri

Future State Map
Solution Design

Final Exam:
Timed exam
PCUs earned: 10


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