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Spare bedroom   

Date: 2006-07-29

I have a soft spot for soft toys. As my spare bedroom shows I have a few (more are hidden in the cupboard in this room).

The reason I have them is to pass them onto my own children when I have some one day. Iíve kept many of the books, toys, games and obviously soft toys (with newer additions) I had as a child, so I could pass them on.

I suppose some people might find it odd for me to have a room set up like this. But it shows you how deeply I feel about having children one day with the right person. For now the room serves well as a guest bedroom.

The bed has a floral print with Asian Elephants on it, done I think in a Thai-like style. Something different.

The only improvement Iíve made to this room to date has been to get the curtains replaced. The new ones being visible in these photos.


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