I have had a number of interests over the years.

Today many of my hobbies have been turned into core career skills. These include such things as design, art, photography, programming and the like. My portfolio on this website reflects some of those things.

Helping create V 48 Furious Filmmaking production for Section 59 Films - visit my screening room

My movie collection and interests

Some of my music collection

My house takes a fair amount of my time as well.

Sports activities - Like everyone when they were younger I participated in a range of sports like Rugby, Soccer, Cricket and Basketball. I was average at them and never kept them up. In adult life I've been part of a couple of social league criket teams and participated in some sports tournaments.

Some other things I've done include

Some other activities I've tried include:

Horoscope details - For those interested in astrology, you can look into my details my birth details are 2.50am, 29th January 1971 at Lower Hutt.

Read my Merlin Birthchart report.

For those into Myers-Briggs Personality typing I was classified as an INTJ in 2000, and more recently in 2005 I took the test at www.humanmetrics.com and was rated a INFJ 33-38-21-1. For some more information on this stuff see www.personalitypage.com.

Photos of myself - I'm not often photographed doing things. These days I spend the time behind the camera. But on ocassion, normally at work functions and events the odd photo does get taken. Take a look here.

Photos of places I've visited - a scrapbook of various places I've visited. Not complete yet, but working slowly on it when I have time. Take a look here.

More details soon