Music collection

I don't have a huge music collection in traditional media. But below is a list of what I have.

Most of my music is digital in nature and procured through the iTunes Music store, eMusic and similar sources.

Title Media
1996 Grammy Nominees CD
Alien CD
Alien 3 Tape
Aliens CD
All Saints CD
All Saints. Never ever CD
An hour of piano masterpieces Tape
Aquarius CD
Black and White CD
Blade Runner CD
Both sides of the gun CD
Bringing Down the Horse CD
Chartbusters CD
Classical Moods Power CD
Cliff Richard Private Collection 1979 - 1988 Tape
Code Red CD
Cold World Tape
Composers from The French Royal Court Tape
Deep Forest World Mix CD
Dreamland CD
Elephunk CD
Enigma CD
Footloose CD
Footloose Tape
Heineken World of Jazz collection CD
Holst The Planets CD
I'm your baby Tape
Joyride Tape
Kickin 4 CD
Le classique a l'ecran Drame CD
Living Years CD
Men In Black CD
Mercy Tape
Monkey Business CD
Mozart for Morning Coffee CD
Music goes on Ravel CD
Music goes on Vivaldi CD
No angel CD
Oxygene CD
Pieces of you CD
Pump up the Jam Tape
Return of the Jedi CD
Seascapes Relaxation CD
Space Themes CD
Star Trek Generations CD
Star Wars Tape
Star Wars Droid World Tape
Star Wars Planet of the Hoojibs Tape
Star Wars Return of the Jedi Tape
Star Wars The Story of Return of the Jedi Tape
Star Wars The Story of Star Wars Tape
Sunchyme CD
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tape
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II The secret of the ooze CD
Tempest 2000 CD
The Beach CD
The Best Classical Album in the World Ever Tape
The best of Beethoven CD
The best of Mozart CD
The best of Strauss CD
The Best of Tchaikovsky CD
The Best of the Alan Parsons project CD
The cross of changes Enigma 2 CD
The Empire Strikes Back Tape
The Ewoks join the fight Tape
The Foundations All time best Tape
The Lord of the Rings CD
The Magic of Brahms Tape
The Marshall Mathers LP CD
The very best of Beethoven Tape
The Very Best of Mozart Tape
Titanic CD
Too legit to quit CD
Waveforms CD
World Power CD

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