My original tertiary studies were in Geology. I had intentions of looking for a commercial job. However with changes in New Zealand government policy starting with the dismantlement of the DSIR, I decided it best to look towards other options. Details reagrding courses completed are in the education part of this website.

Since finishing my degree Iíve done little related to the Geology field. I have however done some minor work for Crown Minerals in terms of prepress, layout and CDROM projects while working at TBD.

While working at Wellington City Council Iíve had the opportunity to use ArcView 3.1 for the extraction of vector map data for inclusion in design work for myself and colleagues. This has been a self taught skill. Iíve later been given training in ArcGIS 8 when the Council upgraded. Mostly since then Iíve just adapted maps for design jobs to make them visually more interesting for printed publications (until 2006 when such work ceased). I've also assisted Council GIS staff with some export options best for high resolution output for design/print purposes, as well as layering and transparency work in Acrobat/Illustrator which they use for some map composition and delivery.

In 2008 I built an internal web application for Wellington City Council's signage data (collected as part of a field audit project I managed) that included GoogleEarth integration to map geolocations for these signs. I've since used this technical skill for a few other web projects.