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I have looked into the possibility of getting back into a Mac Operator role in the pre-press industry.

My former employer had this to say:

"Even though technology has changed it has actually become easier for people to get into pre-press. With your background at TBD plus your knowledge of applications, you would only need about 1-2 weeks training to become a pre-press operator. 90% of files now are pdf, and a lot of the workflow is automated including impositions, trapping etc.... I think with your level of intelligence and work ethic this should not be a difficult transition."

John Serepisos, TBD, May 2006

Although my main experience was with TBD and Tennant Print Media, some of my other roles have included some elements of pre-press. At State Insurance I did manual impositions of Freehand and some Pagemaker jobs to help reduce our external pre-press bills. At Wellington City Council I manually trap all my Freehand based newspapers adverts, and often prepare other Freehand and Adobe Creative Suite jobs for difficult print situations, including training some staff how to do it. My support role to the designers for some crucial jobs has led to some awards. While at Council I've been the backup to the Print Coordinator/Production Manager for several years.

Feel free to review the rest of this website. I have a lot to offer a prospective employer.

For a referee to contact, feel free to contact:

Craig Campbell
Production Manager
Wellington City Council
Phone 04-803 8240
Mobile 021 227 8240